Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by! We're glad you want to share your story. That's what the "Bottom Monologues" is all about -- telling gay/bi/queer/trans men's stories about bottoms. As collaborators, we have some ideas about our own experiences, but we knew that to really do bottoms justice, we needed to get your stories straight from the tap. Not a bottom? That's fine too. We'd love to hear from tops, versatile, or non-identifying guys, too! We're quite sure that they have plenty to say about bottoms as well!
The Questionnaire
We've worked up six prompts for you to chew on. Think of them as guiding prompts to spark your creative juices -- not as imposing artificial limits. Don't like the questions? We think they're pretty good, but don't hesitate to throw them out if you've got different ideas. What we want is your story. Unfiltered. And perhaps even uncut. Write a poem or a song. Stream of consciousness? Fantastic. Or even just plain old prose. Whatever style works best for you, works best for us!
Having trouble getting started? We originally worked up a list of 20 more detailed questions! Phew, aren't you glad we changed gears? But if you're really needing more direction, you can find those original questions here. We hope they help!

What We'll Do With Your Story

Basically, what we're trying to do is collect stories. After we've gotten the submissions, we'll pour over them to look for: 1) similarities across your narratives; 2) any major differences that emerge; and 3) particularly exciting or provocative stories. From there, we'll do our best to build "composite characters" -- basically distillations of dozens of men's stories all wrapped up into one package. Questions? Don't hesitate to ask!


1. So... what's a bottom?

2. As a bottom, what makes for fantastic, mind-numbing sex? Tell us a hot story (or three).


3. Are tops, bottoms, and vers guys all that difference? Like... are tops from Mars and bottoms from Venus?

4. Have you always been such a bottom? Were you a bottom from the start, or did you start your career later in life?


5. Are there other kinds of factors that have impacted your experiences as a bottom? Like... testing HIV-positive? Race? Ability? Etc.

6. Last one. If you could only tell *one* story about bottoming -- one story that sums up what being a bottom is all about -- what story would you tell?


7. Anything else we didn't get to cover? Anything that you want us to say?



* 1. What are the last two digits of the year you were born in?
* 2. How would you describe your race / ethnicity? (Check all that apply)
   Alaska Native Black   Caucasian Latino
 Middle Eastern Native American  Pacific Islander
 East Asian South Asian   Southeast Asian Other:
* 3. How would you describe your sexuality? (Check all that apply)
   Gay Bisexual  Queer Straight Other:
* 4. How would you describe your gender? (Check all that apply)
   Male Female  Transgender FTM MTF Genderqueer
* 5. Would you use any of the following terms to describe yourself? (Check all that apply)
   Bear Cub  Circuit Boy Submissive Dominant Master
Slave  Power Bottom Sissy  Drag Queen Female Impersonator
 Boy Twink Jock Leather Commercial Sex Worker / Prostitute
Chub Pig Exhibitionist Fisting (FF) Voyeur Size Queen

* 7. What is your HIV-status?
   HIV-Positive HIV-Negative  Not Sure
* 8. If you're HIV-positive, what year did you test positive?
* 9. In an average month, about how many sexual partners do you have?
   0  1  2-5 6-10  11-20  21+
* 10. How would you describe your relationship status?
* 11. How would you describe the city, town, or village where you currently reside?
* 12. And last, but not least, how do you identity sexually?

 Bottom Versatile  Top  Don't Identify

* Denotes Required Fields